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Traditional Espresso Machines

The main draw card to traditional coffee machines is that the barista is in control of the entire process of making coffee, from setting the grind (read grinder tab about the importance of a good grinder), dosing the handle, tamping the coffee to extracting the shot. Because you have so much control in the process, you can determine the quality of the final product.

Who are traditional espresso machines best suited for?

For the passionate coffee connoisseur, there is so much enjoyment in the ritual of making coffee. This enjoyment is something that can only truly be experienced by making coffee on a traditional espresso machine. A proper traditional machine together with a trained barista will most definitely ensure an exquisite coffee experience for your clients at your hotel, restaurant or café. Of course we have not forgotten all coffee lovers who prefer to brew your own coffee at home, we got you covered!

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A good grinder makes all the difference

Traditional and manual espresso machines work best when they are used in conjunction with a good burr grinder. We can’t say this enough – if you want to get great coffee out of your traditional espresso machine, a good quality burr grinder is essential. We also recommend investing in barista training to master the skills needed to make great coffee out of a traditional machine. Without having some knowledge of the coffee making process it is difficult to make good coffee on a traditional machine. There are many variables that need to considered including: how fine or coarse the coffee is ground and how much coffee to dose in the basket. It’s a bit like riding a bike though – once you have got it mastered there will be no stopping you.

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Fully Automatic Coffee machines

Automatic coffee machines are designed to be elegant and functional. These machines (often in just one touch) will deliver a great espresso, cappuccino or flat white in seconds.

Fully automatic coffee machines grind coffee beans, froth milk, and dispense both a single or double shot espresso. Added features like LED screens and touch controls give you a full range of options to customize your coffee experience. These may include, coffee strength, grind texture, temperature and coffee volume.

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Vending Machines

Our fully automated coffee vending machines are the perfect solution for your establishment, may it be your food and beverage business, office, lounge or public space, our vending machines guarantee a wide array of premium coffee beverages with an added advantage of offering other soluble premixes such as hot chocolate, white chocolate & a flavoured cappuccino range, at a push of a button.

Our award-winning vending machines equipped with Italian technology ensures a perfectly brewed coffee, through a completely automated solution, whilst guaranteeing the highest level of hygiene. Discover a world class coffee experience ensuring immaculate consistency in each and every cup dispensed. Explore our wide range of vending machines and contact us for a tailor made plan that suits your needs.

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Bulk Brewers

Bulk brewing machines are specifically designed to make large quantities of coffee at once hence most suited for hotels. These machines come with large canisters so you can brewer more than 1ltr or even 10ltr at a time depending on the requirement.

Fits Retail, Dallmayr Capsa Coffee Machine in Sri Lanka
Capsule machines

We bring a range of compact coffee machines to suit your personalized needs. The capsule machine range specifically is most suited for espresso lovers for a quick cup of coffee may it be your luxury hotel room, board room or home.

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